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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

word of the year

a few colleagues & other bloggers have mentioned 
the concept of choosing a word for 2011, 
or one that will inspire you throughout the year.
examples include ed cabellon, becca obergefell, lisa leonard,
laura from along for the ride [just to name a few].

i've been considering what my word could be...
in thinking about the year ahead, activities i anticipate being part of,
and things i hope to do, i have chosen "give" to mark my 2011.
i want to give more of my time, energy, & money.
i love giving handmade cards & notes to family & friends.
 i plan to give through service in guatemala city in march
[and throughout the year].
i want to focus on giving things away, rather than getting things
[which is why i will be suspending my weekly frugal friday finds].
i hope to give time walking, running & other healthy practices.
i'm not waiting until thanksgiving to say thank you,
but giving thanks all year long.
i may even give up something...

any suggestions?
do you have a word of the year?


  1. Awesome word and awesome post.
    Time is the best thing you can give.

  2. Love this post! I didn't have an "official" word, but after reading your post, I guess my word this year would have to be "trust." Not even a month into the year, and so many situations have already arisen where I just have to rest in the fact that God is sovereign... and trust Him. Hehe, and if you know me, you know that trust isn't my "thing"... I like to do things for myself and plan what's going to happen. But God is being so good to gently uncurl my fingers from gripping my life so tightly and to remind me that He is good and faithful and sovereign over all. :]

  3. Cool. Mine was "Soul". I think there's an element of giving in that. Great post.

  4. Hi! I was following "Ordinary Inspirations" and found my way here. :) Hmmm, my word for the year would have to be "do." Wonderful post. :D


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