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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

tweet chat {getting started}

in the past two weeks, i have participated in a few twitter chats.
i was first introduced to the idea of a group twitter conversation or "chat"
by the s.a. bloggers in the spring of 2009.  

PRIVATE: The #SACHAT Introduction Video from Swift Kick on Vimeo.
{video used by permission}

honestly, it can be intimidating to jump in,
so i want to share some helpful info for getting started...

a few things to know before jumping in {the lingo}
 a hashtag is the name for the # number or pound sign
{this is how you follow tweets using the search function on twitter}
anyone participating in a twitter chat
by using the correct hashtag can be viewed by searching twitter
one example of searching "set up shop" on twitter

multiple tweets will use the same hashtag,
so you don't have to reply to one user for your tweet to show up,
as long as the hashtag is included
one of my favorite tweet chat sayings is "lurking is learning"
you don't have to be an active participant [& time doesn't always allow]
reading the twitter feed for a tweet chat,
will still allow you to grow & build your knowledge-base

some helpful 3rd party sites for following a tweet chat
[rather than viewing twitter in real time on twitter itself]

tweet grid

...after a tweet chat, check stats using what the hashtag
go to the website, enter the hashtag & you'll get a full transcript,
view top contributers, etc.

how do you follow or participate in twitter chats?
{i'm linking here}


  1. Welcome aboard! This looks wonderful and excited to have you in on the community.

  2. thanks for this entry! lol i've been wondering about these hash tags and tweet chats, but never had time to look into it! =)i feel semi-caught up on things now!

    - jennifer

  3. thank you! thank you! read your post on hiyaluv and even though i've been tweeting i'm still at a loss. i've been wanting to learn how to join twitter chats but had no clue what to do! you are a lifesaver. now lets just see if i can do it. : )

    love your blog. now following your blog and tweets! happy to meet you!

    i am here:
    and tweet @


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