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Saturday, January 15, 2011

sweater {turned} infinity scarf

while i was home over thanksgiving,
i found a bunch of sweaters i wore in college.
a few weeks later, i came across this post
from adventures in dressmaking
on my snow day this week, i gave it a try!
a comfy cotton sweater i wore in college
[though i never knew what to do with the tassels]
panels cut from the sweater
[needed 4, but 6 are pictured]
seam between panels [from outside]
completed infinity scarf
[after sewing 6 panels together, i removed 2 because it was too long]
...and wearing it.
it's so fun to be able to wear this sweater in its new form.
it was one of my favorites almost 10 years ago...
and it's nice and soft around my neck.
i will also wear it more because it's so neutral.

have you tried upcycling anything
from your wardrobe lately?

this is my first time participating in project restyle
can't say i can commit to doing it weekly, but at least monthly.


  1. I used to have that sweater in green! I loved it! Wish I still had it so I could make a scarf.

  2. I love this as a scarf! You did a great job :]

  3. This is awesome - hope you are taking orders? I will pay you in tea? :)

  4. Wow this looks great! I have a few sweaters that I love but don't really fit anymore. This would be perfect.

  5. awesome possum luvly! you did a fantastic job! :)gina

  6. What a great idea! So resourceful! I want to try : )


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