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Monday, January 3, 2011

reader survey

it's been cold around here.
last week at this time i was on home & enjoying this...
[i think i drank hot chocolate almost everyday]
to kick off the new year, i want to get some feedback from you!
please take a moment to complete this survey and tell me what you think of the city.
i'm excited to hear what you think of the blog.


  1. Hey girlie! Question about the survey... on the question where we're supposed to rank our favorites from 1-10... is 10 good? Just wanted to make sure!

  2. your 1 would be the one you'd want to see more of/like reading about, so 1 is good, 10 not so good :)

  3. haha that poster is sooo me!!! i always tweet my blog posts!! :)


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