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Saturday, January 22, 2011

loving the snow

yesterday was another snow day [my third of 2011],
which i cannot believe.
i think i mentioned before that milton loves the snow,
and i finally got some decent photos of him frolicking in the yard!

...and he's still running.
seriously, i couldn't ask for a better snow day pal; 
he cuddles and gives lots of kisses [shhh, don't tell the hubs...]
but you cannot deny he's handsome lad!
oh milton, you make me a proud puppy mama.


  1. Milton is adorable and looks suspiciously like our dog Barney! Happy Snow day(s)! :)

  2. What great pics and such a sweet face..I couldn't imagine my life without my sweet boy...Hope on over to my blog and you can see him.;-) I am your newest follower via a saturday blog hop..

    sherry :-)

  3. ooppss..forgot to say thank you for the link to a tutorial for rosettes.

  4. how cute and fuN! i am so jealous you get snow days. Temple Univ. doesn't believe in them so we have to make do:(

  5. Very cute :) I have two dogs myself. They couldn't be any more different. One is always needing to run out energy and love snow while the other is a huge baby that gets cold easy. lol
    Following from the hop. Have a great day.


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