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Saturday, January 29, 2011

a little bunting

i've been admiring bunting for several months now
and even bought some fabric last fall in hopes of creating my own.
i finally did it!

since i didn't follow a guide, 
i thought i'd make a little tutorial in case you want to try...

fabric that can be cute into flags
4 yards of bias tape or ribbon
two index cards
fabric marker
iron & ironing board

1. select fabrics you like
they don't have to be super matchy 
[i prefer less symmetry & matching]

2. before cutting the fabric, you will need a pattern to trace.
i made mine out of two index cards.
i simply cut them diagonally and taped them together
3. using the pattern created, trace on to fabric 
with disappearing fabric marker

4. cut out all fabric pieces
[i used 18 pieces, but cut about 23 since i didn't know 
how close i'd want them until i laid it out]

5. fold each of the diamond shapes in half
and iron flat, trim edges that don't line up

6. select your thread & sewing stitch for the flags;
use sewing machine to sew into flags
[i used a brown thread & zigzag stitch]

7. find the center of your bias tape or ribbon,
i marked mine with a pin, then pinned the flags to it 
starting ion either side of the center pin & working my way out

8. select your thread & stitch for the bias
[i used a khaki thread to match the bias tape & straight stitch].
use your sewing machine to sew pinned flags on to bias or ribbon
[i pinned each flag on either end into the bias tape]

9. trim thread as needed & iron any stubborn corners
then choose a place to display your bunting

my bunting is now in my office at work!
notice the "renew" pillow on my couch? i won it in a giveaway
from anna joy of  the joy cottage
there's not a lot you can do to disguise cinder block,
but i have hopes for my blank wall [stay tuned...]

what do you think? 
[feel free to leave suggestions for the blank wall too]

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  1. I love it! Nice work! Cinder block walls are definitely a challenge.

  2. I love your fabric choices- so cute!

    As for the wall...
    Maybe you could work WITH the cinder block. Get a piece of cork or foam board and cut LOTS of cinder block sized rectangles. Cover those rectangles with fabric. Since the foam board doesn't weigh much, you could just use a small piece of velcro to adhere it to the wall.

    You could use larger pieces if you're trying to disguise the entire wall, but I think you'll have more luck if you embrace the shapes of the cinder blocks and use them as a design element in the room.

  3. That turned out soooo cute!! I love how happy and cheerful it looks ;)

  4. Ahh this is what you were making the other day when you tweeted a pic of those pretty materials! Very nice :)

  5. This is adorable. I understand the cinder block. My office and apartment are both cinder block :(

  6. I think every cinder block wall deserves some bunting! I think when you spend more time in your work office than you do at home, that office should be loved on just like you would your home. Just lovely.

  7. That's a great way to cheer up a cinder block wall! Beautiful. :)

  8. buntings make everything better! and i love yours!!

  9. Oh, so adorable! I love how it looks, and it's so cheerful & sweet. Hurray!


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