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Thursday, January 6, 2011

grateful girl

107. a week without evening events/meetings, which means lots of time with these two:

108. the first #setupshop twitter chat on monday night moderated by gina from hiya luv
you can checkout the chat transcript here and join us next monday at 8pm est

109. getting back into a routine at work this week
110. great ideas for growing my blog from @mandipidy @sandyalamode  @hiyaluv 

111. no more pine needles around the house...the tree has been removed
[yes, it's sad that Christmas is over, but the pine needs were killing me]

112. getting time on the sewing machine & completing a project
a notebook cover of sorts
113. starting the new year off with a date to the movies.
[i <3 popcorn]

what are you grateful for this week?

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  1. this post made me happy inside. yes to popcorn!

    your cover looks great!!

  2. Love your notebook cover! I just got my sewing machine out for the first time in MANY years (2 decades?) and that is also what I chose to make (and some throw pillows). Adriana is cackling because we both chose to make about the same thing as our "re-entry" into sewing world projects!

  3. That notebook cover is adorable! I have been meaning to make one to take to Blissdom, but haven't gotten around to it. Did you use a tutorial for this?

  4. good job on the notebook cover!! like Ali I would love a tutorial!! :)gina

  5. that notebook cover is so cute! love it!


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