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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

dot's technology

i am no technology guru, but i am a user [and probably way too reliant on it].
i came across this article [highly recommended reading] in the ny times
and it got me thinking about the technology in my life.

am i using technology [including social media] to the best of its ability? 
probably not, but it's a new year and i can do my best to form some new habits,
as well as share my knowledge with my blogging friends
[who probably rely on a lot of the same things or could benefit from it].
so here's my list of tech gadgets, clients & sites i hope to make the best of in 2011
sprint evo [my oh-so-smart phone] i've had it since october & love it!
the touchscreen took some getting used to, but my monthly data usage is up 300% [i was shocked]
i had a blackberry curve previously & the only thing i appreciated about it was that i could check email 
[but even that is a double-edged sword...]
my favorite android apps:
twiddroid pro [keeping up with twitter]
queue manager for netflix [selecting or seeing what we'll get next]
retro camera [fun pics of my hubs, pup & friends]
etsy for android [checking what's new at my favorite handmade shops]
google reader [keeping track of blogs i love]

3 ways i can better use my evo:
utilize it as a hot spot when traveling 
[i rarely travel for work, but do plan to try this on a trip next month]
make use of  the calendar 
[i don't fully rely on this, mostly because i am so used to having a written calendar to refer to, but since the evo automatically syncs with facebook events, google calendar & my outlook calendar i really should take advantage of it]
check garage sale rover weekly
[i really need to start frequenting more garage sales, or tag sales as new englanders call 'em...i love thrifting but rarely make time for it]
a few favorite online spots
google docs [i store my address book, resume, any shared docs with my hubs or friends]
tweet grid [select the party option] for twitter chat participation
hootsuite a third party twitter client  [schedule tweets, manages multiple twitter accounts, etc.]
twtpoll [online polls & surveys for free]
grooveshark [online music host, upload your files or choose from what others have shared, you can even create playlists]
how are you letting technology work for you?
let me know your favorite android app or online service.

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  1. Awesome Beth- love the look & pics...will tryout grooveshark & I want a new phone. T

  2. Wonderful first post! I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who wishes she made more time for thrifting :)

  3. Wonderful post! I have an android phone too and am amazed at how much more I want to use it (over my old BB).

    Glad I'm not the only one who wishes she made more time for thrifting!

  4. awesome possum:) I love google docs and I find that the more technology I use the more addicted I get. I also use for training purposes with my staff and students. ;)gina


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