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Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 things i learned from her

today would have been my mom's 59th birthday,
but instead i remember her last birthday on earth, ten years ago today.
we watched the Rose Parade on TV, enjoyed an ice cream cake 
and her cousin, Alice, [from California] was in town with her family.
it was a special birthday, indeed.
Mom & me, Christmas 1980 in Arlington, VA
to celebrate Dede Davis Bare on New Year's day,
i made a list of things she taught me.
i certainly do not do all of these well, but i had a good example to learn from.

10. be frugal. make the most of what you have, look for coupons and sales, keep costs down.

9. give to others & be generous in doing so. she loved to buy small gifts for people or extra groceries for a friend in need.

8. make new things an adventure. i remember how she packed prizes for our first plane ride and always a goody bag with coloring books and stickers when we went only long road trips. she loved to take a new route home and told us we were exploring when we inevitably asked "where are we going?"

7. listen. don't get caught up in wanting to be heard all the time. listen to others. you have to ears and one mouth...yes, she said that to me.

6. keep cooking simple. she didn't use a lot of ingredients or keep expensive oils, vinegars around. she was very practical, but i (almost) always liked her cooking.

5. handwritten notes never go out of style. i started writing letters and notes in about 5th grade with my cousin and i've been hooked ever since! who doesn't love getting a hand-addressed envelope in their mailbox?

4. study God's word. memorize it, recite it, read it daily, dwell on it. i was looking through her bible when i was home for christmas a few years ago and found she had a note next to the verse i first memorized with the date. 

3. be gentle. her naturally quiet & gentle spirit was something i always admired.

2. love takes a lot of work. don't give up. i let her down time and time again as a teenager, but she never threw in the towel. she consistently loved me unconditionally, prayed for me, encouraged me. i also watched her love my dad and brother well. 

1. love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind 
(matthew 22:37)

what did your mom teach you?
take the time to say 'thank you,' if she's still alive. 
tell her how grateful you are for the positive things she instilled in your life. 

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to such a special mother! Though we were never blessed to have known her, those traits are EVIDENT in you. What a blessing to have been loved so tremendously and be taught such great traits!

  2. A wonderful post to remember your mom in such a special way...

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  4. Beautiful post Beth. Thanks for sharing these words and sharing these traits with your friends. You are such an encouragement to me and so many others!

  5. What a wonderful legacy your mother left for you. Thank you for sharing what she taught you, and I hope that by doing those things you feel that you are honoring her memory.


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