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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

twitter ornament

the bsu campus center staff uses twitter daily
to communicate with students, faculty, staff & community.
we started doing so about a year and a half ago.
we give updates on class cancellations,
events happening in the campus center,
and other university-related information.
we also use it to ask students questions like
how are you adjusting at the beginning of the semester?
what's your favorite place to study?
i've also posted job openings on twitter.
and of course it's used for posting links to our campus center blog.
 do you follow @bsucampuscenter?
as i was considering all the staff had accomplished this year 
and what i could make for them to commemorate the year, 
twitter naturally came to mind since we use it so often
and have really made it part of our culture. 
my supervisor is the one who introduced most of us to twitter and
often encourages us to use it as a professional tool. 
as i have mentioned the #sachat community in a previous post,
i learn a lot when i participate in the conversations or 'lurk' on them.

i wanted to make an ornament the staff can remember 
their time working in the campus center by.
it doesn't actually look like chirstmas or a traditional ornament,
which is one reason i made it from a clothespin.
i was thinking if it didn't look like christmas,
they can keep it on their desk year-round.
i painted the clothespin twitter blue,
found tape that had little twitter-like birds on it and cut them out,
then used a sharpie to write each person's twitter handle the side.
have you made anything crafty for your co-workers?

i'm linking here


  1. fun and cute at the same time. :)gina

  2. That's a neat, thoughtful idea! Glad you linked up so I could see! I just found you a few months ago and don't always look back =)


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