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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

just in time for christmas

winter is finally here!
it may not be my favorite season, but it's a good one
& most importantly this time of year we celebrate the birth of christ jesus!
just a few of my favorite things that bring cheer this week...

we had our first snowfall of the season on monday night!
boston only got about 3" [i think]'s now melting, but at least it got us in the mood for christmas, right?
all our packages & christmas cards have been mailed
[it took two trips and nine parcels and i'm hopeful they'll arrive by christmas]
our house is decorated and i even finished my wreath
i got the idea from letters from coco
[her wreaths are way more colorful and fun]
...our grey front door is so drab
and i wanted something that could stay throughout the winter months.
what's bringing you holiday cheer?

1 comment:

  1. I love the wreath!! It's so cute!! We've been having rain like crazy out here in California. It's forced me to stay inside and do holiday things, so I'm happy for it.

    Happy Holidays!!


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