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Thursday, December 23, 2010

the eve of christmas eve

i will forever think of today ever so fondly as the "eve of christmas eve"
i can still hear my mom joyfully exclaim  those words.
oh, how i wish i could hear it this christmas [or any time of year for the matter]

this is my 10th christmas without her around,
but there are still many things that make me think of mom at christmas [and throughout the year]

making + decorating sugar cookies [with icing]
green garland on the banister 
christmas ornaments
[i have a little collection, thanks to mom buying an ornament for me and my brother each year]
blooming amaryllis
[hers never bloomed on christmas, it was quite comical since she was a great gardener]
cream puffs
[our special christmas morning treat]
what about the holidays reminds you of mom?

1 comment:

  1. I love that she would say "the eve of Christmas eve!" How festive :)

    Its the little things that make me think of my mom, like always having a bird in every Christmas tree or writing out the menus to review the next year. Hope you're having a good eve of Christmas eve! :)


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