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Monday, December 6, 2010

cold hands, warm hearts [arrived]

it's time to share the goods received from cold hands, warm hearts.
thank you sandy a la mode and much love, illy for hosting this great swap!
[and just in time for the chilly winter air that reached boston this week]

i was paired with maria from teaching in heels
she put together a lovely package...see what was inside:
notebooks, hairpins, knee-high socks, coffee mug, coffee, hot cocoa for 2, scarf, mittens
 love all the fun colors!
modeling a bit of the package
(mittens, coffee cup with peppermint coffee from maria)
i can't wait to see what everyone else has on much love illy's link up here.
thanks again, for this fun winter swap!


  1. oh wow!! love everything you got!! the marshmallows look sooo yummy!! :) thanks for participating you two!! :D

  2. I'm so happy you like everything!! :) I'm picking up my package at the post office tomorrow after work and will post tomorrow night. Can't wait!!

  3. Oooo! GREAT package!!! She sent you LOTS of warmth!!! <333

  4. Look at all that fabulous stuff! Notebooks, hairpins, knee-high socks, coffee mug, coffee, hot cocoa for 2, scarf, and mittens?! Whew! I loved participating in this exchange but I love meeting all these new bloggers even more!

    Your fellow CHWH participant,


  5. Wowzah look at your loot! :o) Is that a pair of argyle socks? Too cool. :o)

    A fellow Cold Hands Warm Hearts participant,
    Grace Hester

  6. Very nice! And, of course, I was very grateful to have shared the coffee. By the way, our house looks pretty sweet in that photo. That's some photographer you've got.

  7. sweet package!! i think i want everything in it. :)

    and hey, sweet blog! this is the first time i've been here. love it!

    and thanks for joining the fun, friend! happy tuesday!!

  8. Fun! I sent cocoa in mine too. Great minds. :) The scarf is a gorgeous color!


    (Another CHW<3 participant.)

  9. You got such a fun package!!! And i'm diggin your blog. Going to check it all out now!

  10. loved the stuff you got! i read that you're an assistant director! my boyfriend is in schoool trying to do the same thing!

  11. So colorful and pretty! What a fun package to receive!

  12. Ahh, your package is super sweet! It was so lovely of Maria to include all the awesome gifts! How long have you been in Boston? We visit MA often as my hubs is originally from Southborough - it's right outside of Boston.

  13. what a fun swap package- I love the argyle socks-
    Found you via the link up party-
    Here is my swap- nice to meet you!

  14. Guessing the socks are the argyle ones, right? If so, gorgeous!! I need a pair of my own now ;) hehe

    Sofia, fellow CHWH swapper

  15. I love the mustard colored scarf! Absolutely stunning! =)

  16. I adore the color of your mittens! Your swap partner sent you a wonderful package!

    Love from a chwh participant!

  17. Wowowow! I love your package!! ^^

    - Fellow CHWH participant
    Michelle of


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