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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2 quick fixes

ever wonder how to replace an earring back
or repair a favorite sweater with minor holes?
i tried these out recently
& wanted to share how well they worked for me.

in the past, one of two things happened when i lost an earring back:
1- i stopped wearing the pair of earrings
2- i borrowed an earring back from another pair of earrings
i found this idea in real simple magazine a few months ago
but could not find the exact idea on the website.
they suggested a pencil eraser here
but i don't have many pencils whose erasers i want to part with...

so, i used a vegetable rubber band,
cut off enough of the rubber band to make a square piece, 
then poke it through the earring end.
also works well on earrings with straight posts,
[i tried that first, but didn't photograph it].

one of my favorite sweaters got a few small holes in the arms
and i couldn't bear to part with it
[since i hadn't even had it a full season].
originally, i was thinking i'd have to sew patches on the sleeves,
and was envisioning elbow patches, 
which would have changed the look of my lovely j.crew sweater drastically.
i was looking through my sewing supplies and came across
an iron-on patch, similar to this one.
i simply turned the sweater inside out and used the wool setting to iron it on,
thankfully, the khaki color doesn't stand out much against the mustard yellow.
you can barely see the holes, right?
i'm back in business and wearing this sweater all the time again!

have you found any simple fixes?
i'd love to hear about it!

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  1. im impressed! and live in boston, too. and used to work in higher ed and have a husband who loves to cook. are we the same person? :)

  2. I've heard of the eraser before, but I usually just keep switching around earring backs. Good to know it works.

    I'm surprised by the sweater, can't even tell there's a hole!!

    Great fixes!!

  3. these tips and tricks are soo great!!! i must remember that rubberband one, i just lost one of my earring backs on the cruise and i was so sad i couldn't wear the earring anymore! but now i know what to do next time!

  4. Love the simple and quick fixes! Thanks for sharing them on Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions :)


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