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Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful on paper (4)

i'm joining no. 17 cherry tree lane's thankful on paper this month.

this week i am thankful for one of my oldest friends, keyne.
we caught up on the phone just yesterday since
we no longer live in the same state.
i met keyne in 1996 when she moved to the area my family lived to start up
a young life club where i was going to high school.
she had just graduated from college & i was a sophomore in high school.
when we met, i had no idea we'd be lifelong friends.
with keyne (left) and jo at my bridal shower
keyne's friendship was genuine.
she knew when to ask for my help with creating flyers for young life.
we met together to talk about my life & things i cared about;
we had a favorite spot at a local bagel shop near my high school.
she quickly became my role model & mentor.
watching keyne's life as a young adult
taught me about loving people & growing in faith.

i remember being there on keyne's wedding day in 1999
and meeting each of her three children for the first time.
from 2005-08, i was blessed to live just 30 minutes away from keyne
and her beautiful family &
loved the time getting to know each of the kids.
it was such a blessing to be able to share our wedding day with her last may.
{photo credit}
she arranged our flowers...aren't the beautiful?
keyne's influence taught me the importance of memorizing scripture &
she introduced me to the sport of running.
she was there to listen to me when i learned my mom had cancer
and a month later when she passed away.
keyne still challenges me to consider how i spend my time
& who i spend it with.
she, along with very few other women, push me to be a better person.
{photo credit}
thank you, keyne, for setting a great example,
not only for me, but for so many others.
you remind me to take myself less seriously,
you are one of few friends who remembers my mom
your pursuit of faith encourages me to keep on striving for more.

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  1. What a darling friend! Such a blessing to have ones that push us toward Jesus! Happy holidays! Thanks for sharing:)
    Psalm 13:6


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