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Thursday, November 18, 2010

thankful on paper (3)

i'm joining no. 17 cherry tree lane's thankful on paper this month

week 3: saying thank you to my dear friend, cory.
rockies game in 2008
little did we know meeting for the first time ten years ago in college,
we'd be more than pals, but roommates, travel companions and doggie moms.
cory's love & knowledge for music always amazed me
...and introduced me to the music world outside of ccm
(i will forever be indebted to her for this alone).
she saved me from living alone my senior year,
inviting me to live with her my last year of college.
the timing could not have been better.
she opened the door to my career in student affairs, by suggesting i look for an internship in the student activities office.
all that, and i had only known cory for three years!

throughout my time in grad school, we kept up being just an hour or two away. and then the time came for me to make a decision about where to take my first baltimore.
cory was the one to drive cross country with me in 2005.
it was her first trip to the east coast and we had a blast!
not only did we have great music on the ride, but we spent the 4th of july with granny, visited lots of sites in washington, d.c. and the amish country and explored baltimore a bit.
following a day the beach, cory had her first maryland crab with granny
in the past ten years of knowing cory, i have learned a few things from her life
and she so sweetly to summed them up in a beautiful wedding gift she made.
it now hangs in our living room:
"dream big, pray daily, laugh often, love deeply, believe in truth, live fully"
cory, i am so grateful to have you in my life.
thank you for sharing your joys, sorrows and fun finds with me.
i can always count on you for a silly youtube or snl link
or a new band i should listen to.
i admire your amazing artistic abilities and creative skills
--i sometimes wish i could go back to high school and take your classes,
but maybe i can just send my kids someday.
and most of all, thank you for standing by my side, always.
photo by meaghan elliot [used by permission]
i am so excited to see you over thanksgiving 
& i'll give you your letter in person! xo

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  1. what an absolutely beautiful post!! :)

  2. Thank you so much for this Beth...way to make a girl tear up! Now hurry up and move back to CO already:) Love you too and very thankful for YOU! It was so nice to spend time with you and Brandon, even if only for a day...looking forward to the next visit!



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