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Thursday, November 4, 2010

thankful on paper (1)

i'm joining no. 17 cherry tree lane's thankful on paper this month

i'm thankful for my parents.
as individuals, and as a unit, they have been the most influential people in my life. 
sadly, my mom passed away in 2001, but the legacy she left still guides me today.
my dad remains a man of  wisdom, wit & integrity.  
touring 1000 islands in ny state, circa 1993
as a newly wed, my appreciation for their strong marriage has grown this year.
i will always look up to the example of godly marriage & what it means to put family first.
i'm so grateful i had their example, though their relationship looked different than ours.

mom, i always think of your pretty smile and willingness to listen (oh, how i miss it).
i am grateful you sang hymns to me as a child & impressed scripture memory upon me,
you always helped out with class parties & even the parent teacher group,
you taught me that moving to a new place was an adventure.
saying goodbye wasn't the end & making new friends was exciting.
you encouraged me to go to college 2,000 miles from home
and trusted me to own the faith you and dad raised me to know.

dad, i am in awe of your humility, sense of humor and perseverance.
i always think of you when i hear the william tell overture or john phillip sousa.
you taught me how to see something through to the end, 
encouraging me to stick with marching band & try out for drum major once again.
i'm grateful for your example to pursue higher education, little did you know i wouldn't leave
and you were planting the seeds of my career, bringing me to your lab at purdue.
thank you for your service to the u.s. air force 
& all it taught me to appreciate about our country.

thank you for teaching me so many things,
from being responsible for myself to loving my little brother.
you two were each other's best friend.
thank you for the legacy of faith you taught & the many opportunities you gave.

i love you, mom & dad!


  1. this is such a heartfelt and lovely post. i'm sorry that your mother is no longer here on earth, but she resides in your heart always. it's clear that both your parents loved you like crazy and that you love them the same.

    thanks for sharing this!


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