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Saturday, November 27, 2010

key caddy & dry erase board

i keep losing my keys...maybe misplacing them is more accurate;
my husband misplaces his keys and even locked himself our last week.
i have had a few ideas in mind for making a key caddy to go by the door
and had bookmarked this months ago, but planned to add hooks for our keys.
[photo credit]
needing something that can offer more function,
i re-purposed an old frame containing a  photo collage by
changing what was displayed inside & adding hooks.

it's right by the door so we won't forget our keys...
and can leave a note using a dry erase pen.

what you'll need
an old wooden photo frame [anything with right angles will work]
cup hooks [similar to these]
cute fabric

how to
1- remove the photo collage from the frame & use the cardboard back
 as a guide to cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the cardboard.

2- pre-drill holes and insert the hooks on the bottom of the frame
remove the glass from the frame so you don't accidentally drill into it
[i made three holes].

3- insert glass, fabric and cardboard into the frame,
fasten as needed so it is secure.

4- screw hooks into holes serves as a dry erase board & key caddy
5- hang it on the wall & enjoy

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  1. What a cute and simple project!

  2. what a super cute key caddy! i love it!!

  3. super cute. great idea with great function. thanks for linking up to tickled pink!

  4. I really like this. I will have to add it to one of the MANY projects I want to do :)


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