Tuesday, November 30, 2010

back on campus

over the thanksgiving weekend, 
we ventured to my alma mater in greeley, colorado.
it had been over two years since i'd been to g-town & 
i hadn't been on campus during a regular school day
since i was a student years ago (can you guess how many?!)

being somewhat of a student union geek & 
often taking my job too seriously, 
i was eager to walk around the university center
& show off my favorite places, both on and off campus.
it's been over seven years since i graduated & left northern colorado,
but i remain so grateful for my four years there. 
i can't explain why i ended up at a teacher's college on the colorado plains,
in a less than scenic city (compared to other universities in the state)
but i'm convinced it was meant to be. 
my experience as an undergraduate opened the door to a graduate assistantship that then showed me i could have a career in student affairs.
thank you unc. thank you university program council.


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