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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

wet wednesday

my week has looked something like this:
thanks to flickr
it's been rainy all week & i've been running from one thing to the next.  
i'm tired & feeling a bit overwhelmed from various commitments. 
while walking into work today, i wondered,
"how many people choose to wear a hood vs. carry an umbrella?"
if only i could poll the world...ha.
you could say i feel a bit like eeyore, with a rain cloud following me around.
so, i looked for some happy rain-related images to brighten the day!

i wear these a lot and especially love them on a rainy day since they're more attractive than clunky rain boots
crocs malindi
wishlist item: hunter boots in chocolate brown
(i am not against rainboots by any means, especially in my favorite color)
rain jackets are a must!
mine isn't quite this fancy, but i'd consider this one if i were currently shopping
marmot women's precip jacket from moosejaw
spotted on etsy...aren't these little magnets cute?!
stand under my umbrella magnets
i have no plans to move to a rainy climate, but if i did i would be pretty well prepared!
all this rain reminds me of of a song my mom used to sing along to when i was a kid. 
it was by the gaither trio and it was called "after the rain."
it's only available in record format from!

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  1. those magnets are absolutely precious!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog... glad that you liked the air show pictures... I've never had any affiliation with the military until I got married, and now i LOVE planes, can't get enough of them!

    Snake was fake... I don't think the health department would have passed our tent if not ;) the little Korean kids were PETRIFIED of it, or LOVED relationship.


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