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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

thirty things

my thirtieth birthday is approaching in a few days
& i find myself a bit more reflective than usual.

it got me thinking about all that's happened in my life so far
& as i have said before, i have a lot to be grateful for!
i experienced love, heartache and peace.
in the past 29 years i lived in six states (two of which i moved to twice)
 & set foot in 45 of the 50 united states (counting airports for four of them).
bagged my 1st fourteener (colorado speak for hiking a mountain over 14k feet tall).
bought a brand new car & paid it off in less than four years.
cooked at least a dozen 10+ lb. turkeys & made gravy from scratch (not all at once).

unlike jenna rink, i am not looking forward to 30 so i can be "thirty & flirty"

but i came up with list of
30 things i want to do while i'm 30
my hope is to celebrate life all year long with a list of things that will
challenge me.  while some may seem silly, they are all things i have not done before.

1 - travel to a country i've not been
2 - buy a sewing machine (i have growing list of projects for it)
3 - go sailing on the charles river
4 - watch a film in subtitles from start to finish
5 - make soup from scratch
6 - sleep under the stars (without a tent)
7 - become proficient in adobe photoshop
8 - sew an item of clothing & wear it
9 - read a c.s. lewis book from cover to cover
10 - learn to play chess
11 - kayak or canoe the concord river 
12 - spend a night at a new england b&b
13 - cut down our first christmas tree with the hubs
14 - string our christmas tree with cranberries and/or popcorn
15 - attend a broadway show (or maybe an off-broadway show since it's $$$)
16 - go for seven consecutive days without wearing brown pants or shirt
17 - apply to be a member of the daughters of the american revolution
18 - visit wrigley field in chicago
19- hike at least 10 miles of the a.t.
20 - go to a winery
21 - watch the sun rise over boston
22 - make new pillow cases for the living room
23 - train the pooch to obey commands consistently (this may require classes)
24 - write & publish an article for my professional association, acui
25 - send letters to my compassion child more consistently
26 - listen to more classical music, i really enjoy it but don't often listen
27 - lead a service or alternative break trip
28 - make donuts from scratch (already have a recipe in mind)
29 - visit five new-to-me boston restaurants (i'm taking suggestions)
30 - frequent garage sales (or tag sales as they're called in new england)

this list is sure to bring fun blog posts & i hope you'll join me!


  1. If you come visit me, we could take care of 1 (obviously),4(I love foreign films and have several that would hold your interest),5 (I'm a Lentil soup pro),6 (won't get much better than Wadi Rum),9 (life is rather slow here- plus planes are great reading times),and 10 (originally Arab game, from which "Sheikh maat" (the king is dead) originated) at the least. Maybe even 16, 27, and 28.

    Just saying ;)

  2. might i suggest locations for the sunrise? lately on my way to work on the 47 bus, the view from the BU bridge is phenomenal for sunrise! also.. castle island in South Boston is beautiful! what a great list.. have fun pursuing!

  3. That's a great list.
    I too want to learn how to make soup from scratch..esp pumpkin soup and also be more capable in adobe photoshop so far I've only dabble a bit in illustrator and flash.

  4. Your list is wonderful...I wish I would have made a list like that when I turned thirty...oh I have another big one coming up...maybe a list for that. The ideas on your list are really inspirational.

    Thanks for linking to tickled pink!


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