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Thursday, October 28, 2010

grateful girl

48. i was sick this week, but seem to be recovering well
...i'll take this as a reminder i really need to make getting a flu shot a priority

49. we took strengths finder on our own at work this week
& i learned my top 5 strengths
i'm looking forward to discussing it at our next staff meeting

50. my dog has been super-cuddly lately.
milton is growing like a weed!
51. being 30 doesn't feel any different 
(i suspected this, but am glad it's true thus far)

53. my husband is thoughtful
& planned a surprise birthday party for me
(i was too surprised to ask someone to take a picture)

54. the colors of fall aren't fading as quickly as  years past
55. i made a new student affairs friend this week
who actually goes to our church & i just didn't know she was in my field

56. our car was broken into yesterday...but nothing was stolen

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know you were in the springs! I see that you go to City Life Church... we're at Reverence Bible Church [which you've probably never heard of because it's a fairly new church, and it's really small :]

    That's so weird that your car was broken into but nothing was stolen... praise God!


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