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Thursday, October 21, 2010

grateful girl

41.  my husband enjoys cooking 
& often takes on dinner prep

42.  it took less than three minutes to clear the campus center 
during fire alarm testing this week
43. over the weekend, i learned our puppy can sleep well on the bed 
with me while my hubs is away
(no pacing or laying on my head as i feared)

44. our community group sang "happy birthday" to me last night &
we ate yummy chocolate cake with airy buttercream frosting
45. i finally met one of our upstairs neighbors this week
& i seriously hope to run into her again (i have a feeling we could be friends)

46. we are making "ugly quilts" for the homeless
with our bu students & the rest of the university ministry group from our church
(they are made from old sheets, blankets, etc. and sewn into warm sleeping bags)
learning how to assemble an ugly quilt
photo credit: Jasmine Kim
47. i have left my office"on time" three days in a row 
& there has been very little traffic
(i'm admitting this knowing today's gonna be insane since bruins play at home)

what are you grateful for this week?


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