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Thursday, October 7, 2010

grateful girl

i have great friends, literally all over the world!  today, i was encouraged 
by a conversation with a friend working in guatemala city, guatemala.
i love hearing about my cousin's life in amman, jordan.
a dear friend is currently visiting her sister in abu dhabi, uae.
27. friends i've known since college are currently in the process of adopting a little boy,
malachi, from serbia & they finally got to meet him this week. 
you can follow along too on their blog
28. i'm running a 10k on monday...haven't done one in about 18 mos & i'm pretty unprepared, but i get to do it with a friend i've known since high school

29. this dog really has become a friend to us.  i am grateful to be able to get
medicine for our pup, milton.
(he has tape worms & i feel so bad for him)

30.  the possibility of taking students on an
alternative break service trip
(maybe even internationally...more details will follow once i can share)
31.  the faithful boston university students 
who come to our weekly community group
(i don't have a photo of the group yet, sorry)

32.  a long weekend ahead to rest & spend 
time with my best friend
one of my favorite photos with boston reflecting in a window
((photo courtesy of
scot huber))
33.  phone calls from friends in different parts of the country
(i got two yesterday)
what are you grateful for this week?

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  1. beth, loving your "wanderings"! This week I'm really grateful for my Mom coming to visit Boston for a day to help me organize and unpack my room so I can feel more settled. And now, the sun is out again!


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