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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

all set

it's raining again.
the area forecast calls for the same temperature & precipitation through thursday.

the building manager tried to trick me into thinking i came into work over the weekend,
this is what the stanchion that greeted me this morning looked like:

there's a phrase that is often used on my campus and i often wonder how it caught on.

it hit me last week.  i was standing at the counter in our cafeteria getting some soup 
and a student asked if knew what was in the soup. 
i pulled out a ladle full (since i did not know) and she replied shaking her head,
"i'm all set"

later in the week, two building managers returned from setting up a room 
for an event, stood in the doorway to my office and said "all set," as if i knew exactly
what they had accomplished from two short words.

the same week, i went to the coffee shop and was greeted, "you all set?"

my conclusion:
all set has multiple meanings from "it is/will be ready" to "no thanks,"
context: referring to one's self or a situation as "all set"

have you noticed any phrases frequently popping up around you?


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