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Saturday, September 11, 2010

meet milton!

We have had the puppy for a week, 
so I thought it was time to dedicate a post to the pooch,
 as we've gotten to know his personality a bit.

First let me say, we adore Milton!
He's still a puppy and we understand he still has a lot to learn, 
(as evidenced in the 3am wakeup call earlier this week).

a few photos from week 1...
he loves to lounge!
can't believe he held still while I invaded his space
still learning to fetch or even chase a frisbee
he chews on a lot of things...usually the right stuff
but we've also caught him chomping on our area rug!
note the legs are hardly attached...he's only had this one since Tuesday!
he prefers to play with a stick or Brandon's fist
he's pretty curious about everything, especially seeing
what he can and cannot get away with.

would rather not go for a walk; content to sit outside

but we're thankful he's not camera shy!

isn't he precious?!


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