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Thursday, September 30, 2010

grateful girl

so thankful it's thursday!
i love that this day reminds me of all i have accomplished
and that the weekend is so close!

22. our pup, milton, learned to jump on the couch & bed about a week ago-
he's still not the cuddle-type, but he's really fitting in well 
& feeling comfortable in our place.
on the bed
23.  cardigans...i wear one to work almost everyday...
and i wish i had one in every color!
the j.crew jackie cardigan
24.  it's almost my favorite month, october
25. we have really great soups in the bear's den (our cafeteria)
of the rondileau campus center & today's is one of my favorite flavors:
broccoli cheddar soup
no bread bowl at the rcc, but it's delish & i can pretend i'm at panera!
26. apple orchards in new england
we're going with our good friends this weekend & i can't wait!
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from the outdoor wife

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  1. Found your site from the Outdoor Wife TOAT link up and is it just me or is everyone excited about Fall? The apple picture is lovely!


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