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Friday, September 24, 2010

frugal friday finds

now that it's officially autumn, a.k.a. the best season
i want to share some frugal fall furnishings i use & featured earlier this week.

leaves for $1.99 per bunch from michael's (i bought three bunches)
i pulled them off the fake branches to make them look more realistic
they almost look real & they're not too shiny

cream colored mini pumpkins from a local grocer, lambert's for $1.99/lb.
i didn't paint them, they actually came that way...aren't they cute?
as much as i love orange, the change is welcome 
with so many other typical 'fall colors' around

jars filled with wine corks & the leaves from michael's mentioned above
no additional cost, since i already had everything in the house

rectangular vase filled with faux berries from micheal's
(by the way, the leaves & berries were purchased five years ago & i've moved each year-- they have held up really well, & i certainly got my $1.99 per item out of the bunch)

i hope to buy some full size orange pumpkins this weekend for the front porch &
i'm thinking we'll have decorated for the season for $ great is that?!

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  1. These are really cute -- thanks for sharing!



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