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Saturday, September 4, 2010

frugal friday finds

i'm the kind of gal to seek out bargains.
i think i got it from my mom -- she was quite thrifty!
my friends often comment about how i must not have paid more than $20 
for a cute sweater (usually true). 
shoot, i paid less than $10 for the "going away" dress i wore to leave my wedding!

i started thinking about other interesting bloggers'
"favorite things fridays" series' (thanks to kim davis' blog post yesterday)
 & it got me thinking how i don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes, home decor
...or basically anything!

even though it's one day late, i want to kick off
frugal friday finds...

my husband loves good food & worked in the restaurant industry for many years. 
we don't go out to eat very often, but when we do, we look for discounts,  
often from
just a few weeks ago, we went to kennedy's midtown in the downtown crossing area.
we paid $3 for a $25 certificate.
after ordering two dinners + two drinks, we got out for just under $20 (including tip)

last week, i ordered these sweet earrings from
along for the ride's shop on etsy
and the best part? they were only $2.50 (+$1 shipping)
rosette earrings
last night, i stopped by old navy to look for a black shirt.
(earlier this week i realized i don't own ANY black summer tops...kind of weird, i know)
thrilled to see a number of black tanks & tees on the clearance rack, 
i took three into the fitting room and decided on this one for $6.99
flower-trimmed tank

even though we were only hoping for a bargain price on a dog
(only part of our reason for looking for rescue dogs on,
we found one & actually picked him up this morning!
he cost less than $200 from alpha dog rescue.

have you found any bargains lately?
if so, do share!


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