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Saturday, August 28, 2010

what's in a name?

I've now posted a few times to this blog and you may be wondering about the title. For those who knew me prior to 2010, they may be able to guess why "bare" is in the title. When I was considering things to name my first blog, I thought about names and words I hold dear.  Bare is one such word because it was my last name for 29 years.  
My hope is to wander about the things that my life is comprised of:  

faith, community & food.

Yes, it was an awkward name and believe me, I was teased throughout my life. I've heard things like "you mean like 'naked'?" or "oh like the band, Bare Naked Ladies?" An unfamiliar soul would come across the name carefully pronouncing "berry" or "bare" or even attempting to give it some flair with my favorite "bar-ay." As humorous or as much of a conversation starter it could be, I became pretty attached to it throughout my adult years. In elementary school I never went by Beth B. but rather Beth Bare and in high school I was rarely just Beth. My first and last name went together.  And I really grew to love bears over the years!

So, when Brandon asked me to marry him the conversation inevitably came up between the two of us, as well as many friends and colleagues. More than one person said something like, "you're not going to change your name, are you? It's your identity."  I would reply, "yes, my last name will change," while freaking out on the inside.


It 's now been more than three months and I went through the paperwork of the legal name change and there are companies I am still notifying to update their records. I am still adjusting to introducing myself as Beth Goad.  It takes longer to find my name on a list (because I forget to start looking toward the middle) & I even sign the wrong name at times.

Honestly, the name Beth Bare is not my identity. My identity is much bigger than a name, and just eight letters long at that. I am grateful for the name my parents gave me but my identity is comprised of the things I do and people I spend time with.

Does a name makes someone's identity?

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  1. Hi Beth! I came across your blog from tearosehome. I got married last December...we're almost at a year! :) My husband's birthday is in November. Instead of just writing his first name on the calendar, I wrote his full name. He says to me, "um, like there's another Christopher around here??" Isn't the name change a funny and fun thing? Love your blog!


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