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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

season of change

As I mentioned in my last post, I am eagerly anticipating students returning to campus and the opening of the school year.  While things may seem routine because I've been working in higher ed for five years, there are some exciting changes (both personally and professionally) in my world for the 2010-11 school year.  I am energized by change, so I thought I'd share my list with you:
Meaghan Elliott was our fabulous
wedding photographer!
  1. I have a new roommate: my husband!  We didn't live together until we got married, so the past three months have brought a lot of change (for the better).   We've been having fun arranging things in our apartment and deciding what we need.  Brandon is building a new coffee table for us (I will post some photos when it is complete). 
  2. Since I got married I wanted to have my husband's last name so my name changed
  3. The campus where I work, Bridgewater State is in the process of transitioning from being a state college to a state university.  That means another name change in my life.  And while that doesn't directly affect my daily job, it gives the institution more clout in the world of higher education.  I have something in common with Bridgewater: we will always look back on 2010 as the year our name changed.
  4. In the Rondileau Campus Center, we have been under construction much of the summer.  The elevator was also completely renovated.  Our Auditorium was redone with new seats and wall treatments.  The ballroom is still under construction and slated to be complete just before classes begin on September 2nd.  
  5. My office changed.  In an effort to make our office suite more customer service focused, as well as functional for the staff, my office is now in the space connected to the Print Shop.  The Print Shop is operated by one of our graduate assistants and about eight student employees, all of whom I supervise.  Perhaps the most exciting part of it is that my office now has windows!  It is the first time I've been able to experience natural light at work since I was a graduate assistant in 2005.
As we start the new school year tell me what, if anything has changed for you.

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  1. I added a new roommate this year too! (Daughter, Sarah) :) My office also changed... no window, but it's more private than it was before...


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