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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

play ball

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of accompanying 20-some BSU first year students to a Pawtucket Red Sox game in Rhode Island.  You may have noticed from a previous post or following me on Twitter, I'm a Boston Red Sox fan.  And as many baseball fans know, there is an extreme case of loyalty that comes with a true Red Sox fan.  Prior to 2004 (and even the 2003 playoffs)...for those of you who aren't baseball fans don't worry, I am not writing solely about baseball.

I would like to make a comparison between my work in student affairs, specifically managing the operations of the Campus Center, to coaching a baseball team.  I wish I could have interviewed Terry Francona, but he's trying to get his our team into the playoffs...maybe I'll catch him in the off-season?  Rather, I am using my own professional experience over the past five-plus years in working with students, faculty, and staff to discuss this relationship. 

When I started working in the Rondileau Campus Center (RCC) at Bridgewater State College in July 2008, I had a lot to learn.  I began in what some might consider the "off season," however, others would argue there is no off-season in the student affairs world.  Students may leave for summer, but there are plenty of contracted groups that use our facilities, keeping us busy.  Major league ball players cannot afford to take a season off from workouts & eating healthy.

By the end of August, it was time to get ready and start playing games.  It was at this point, I was introduced to many of the returning student employees in @EdCabellon's own comparison of "The RCC Red Sox."  We discussed who could be a star player and who had potential to make the DL (those students who miss shifts/make excuses).  As the students returned, we did not have the benefit of going away for spring training or even a day-long retreat.  The school year was upon us and following an afternoon of training and meeting the whole team in person the season was underway as classes began the next was time to "play ball!"

After two seasons coaching in RCC Nation, I've learned a lot about our team.   Working in higher education, I've learned we never have the same starting lineup or pitching rotation from one season (school year) to the next.  As students graduate or move on to other opportunities,  we have to scout for new talent to keep the team ready to play. 

For 2010, here's my list of The RCC staff as the Red Sox:
Our director, Ed Cabellon is our very own Terry Francona (manager), our office manager Jill is our lead scout, our two graduate assistants @MikeCourville and @JPike01 are our starting pitchers (and boy, can they can bring the heat), the Building Managers, Print Shop, Info Center and Game Room attendants make up the rest of the team, along with our office assistants, many of whom are rookies...and I'd be remiss without naming our own AVP for Student Affairs (and Red Sox SuperFan) Cathy Holbrook as our very own GM!

Here's to another great season
in RCC Nation!


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