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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ready, set, sew!

we, not i, finally picked out a sewing machine...and brought it home.
it's a babylock molly from ann's fabrics in canton, mass.
[a special thank you to the hubs for helping me choose one
...i was nearly beside myself with making the decision]
i'm learning how to use it...and brandon has also been learning with me.
my goal is to spend at least an hour on it daily, as i have a lot to learn.
i took home economics and sewed a pillow in 8th grade,
then tinkered with my mom's sewing machine (with lots of her assistance)
while i was in high school and college, but often ran out of patience.
as i've been learning struggling to learn, i came across some helpful sites:
better homes and gardens [easy sewing ideas]
martha stewart [patterns + projects , tips +  techniques]
noodlehead [a blog with great tutorials]
adventures in dressmaking [more great sewing tutorials & lots of upcycling]
v and co. [more sewing tutorials + patterns from her shop]
tea rose home [more tutorials + shirt embellishments]
what are your favorite sewing blogs or sites?
[do share, as i'm looking for more!]

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  1. yay for a new sweing machine! i got one for Christmas, too! I, too, am not so experienced with it {we have similar background experience}. Thanks for the websites and I'll pass any along that i find, too! :)



  2. I think I'll be asking for a sewing machine for maybe a birthday or holiday this year. I love the fun little fashionista crafts all the bloggers come up with.

    Good luck learning it all!!

  3. How fun.
    I remember learning to sew in home ec too in 8th grade. I made a bib.
    I have always wanted to learn, but just haven't found the time with painting and babies. My mom sews though, she actually made all my prom dresses!

  4. i love sewing! i wish I could find an hour a day and i love that goal:) I too took home ec classes and have recently retaught myself how to sew again. Youtube has some really helpful videos that got me back in the saddle:) I also love the library for books. :)
    ps-adorable bloggy design luv!


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