Monday, November 24, 2014

Fresh BiB (review)

It's a rare day that Maggie keeps a clip in her hair. I guess accessories are still on the "yet to be discovered list" for this girl. So I'm doing my best to teach her to love an accessories.

Recently I introduced my 16 month old to the scarf, which is actually a bib (in disguise)! Fresh BiB is the perfect accessory for the little lady or fella in your life. They're handmade in the USA with a snap closure (so they don't wear out like velcro), and the best part is they're reversible so it's like getting two bibs in one!

The bibs are available in two options: buy one bib or sign up for a monthly subscription in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month packages!

As you can see, Maggie is a Fresh BiB fan. They're made of 100% cotton, so they're comfy and easy to wear. She may not wear a bib when eating all the time, but wearing a Fresh BiB is super helpful since she's been drooling like crazy (does teething ever end?). Plus, it looks so cute.

Sign up for your own subscription to Fresh BiB and save 10% off with code BethGoad! You can buy a subscription for a new mom (and her baby). Fresh BiB would also make a fun Christmas gift, so get shopping today!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Maggie: 16 months

Maggie is growing so fast. In the past month she's started chattering more than ever. She is more comfortable walking (and falling). Maggie often cracks herself up and loves to laugh.

Maggie has been very into stuffed animals lately. She loves to pick them up and hug them (see above).

Some of her favorite things to say lately are:
no, more milk, baby, book

She is still a pretty good eater, although she has a mind of her own lately. Read: Maggie is exercising her ability to say "no."

Highlights from the last month include:

  • A trip to Colorado 
  • Transition to toddle room at daycare (she loves all the activities)
  • Walking EVERYwhere

A few things you may not be able to tell from the photos:
  • She loves to pretend she's talking on the phone (with a TV remote, mom or dad's cell phone or her own play cell phone)
  • Maggie does not like to wear a hair clip or ponytail (she always takes it out).

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanksgiving draws near

I had hopes of writing about my November goals. I'd given myself one of those "the end of the year is coming" pep-talks, which usually plays out more like "what the heck have you accomplished, Beth?" The last month of the year is next month and what do you have to show for it?

Well, it's been one heck of a year. We have a child (note: this is the first year we've had her the entire year). I transitioned jobs mid-year and about two months later my husband transitions jobs and Maggie went to full-time daycare. There has been a lot going on, so I'm going to cut myself some slack.

I know I don't need an excuse for not blogging. Life happens and just because I don't write about it, doesn't make it any less true.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it's been my favorite holiday for years. We don't usually have grand plans. In fact, we've only spent two of the last five turkey dinners with family.

None the less, our dining room is ready (don't mind the wrinkles in the table cloth or box that made its way into the above photo). We have thankful hearts for the many gifts we've been entrusted with and given. We are excited to celebrate and I feel as though I could explode when I think about all that 2014 brought to our little family.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Thoughts

My parents felt strongly about not celebrating Halloween and I was pulled out of school on October 31st each year. Often, I spent the day with my mom's friends who homeschooled their children. For a while I thought it was cool; the whole getting out of school and playing with friends was fun.

But as I got older and more classmates asked me why I wasn't in school, I resented the attention and asked my mom if I could "just dress up." I'd tell her it wouldn't mean anything to me to dress up and she would point out all of the reasons we hadn't celebrated Halloween since I was in kindergarten. I'd get upset and storm off. After some time, my mom would find me with her file folder (it was the 1990's) of articles about the origins of Halloween.

One of my high school years I was successful in getting to dress up (but I could not attend a party) and in all my growing up years (before I was 18), I think I dressed up three times for All Hallow's Eve.

My college years proved less challenging than I had imagined. It turns out other people thought Halloween was "lame" and therefore didn't dress up either. I'm not much of a party goer, so I managed to avoid dressing up, which I equate with "celebrating" Halloween.

Each October, I grapple with Halloween to some extent and hold my breath hoping I won't be asked to go to a party/dress up. But now I have my own child and I've spent the last week month being asked "what's Maggie going to be for Halloween?" and the issue is now being forced unlike before.

It's less than 13 hours until my daughter goes to daycare where they have a Halloween parade and less than 24 hours until our doorbell may ring with trick-or-treaters. I have no costume for Maggie and no candy for trick-or-treaters. All week, I've been telling myself Maggie doesn't need a costume because she's too young to know what's going on and we live on a busy street so we won't get much foot traffic.

Earlier today, I came across this article and can't stop thinking about the potential for meeting neighbors if we decide to turn on the porch light and open the door tomorrow night. Is it too late to make a costume for Maggie so I can parade her around and hope to meet my neighbors?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Maggie: 15 months

Maggie is still loving life and growing up as fast as ever. She has started to play with other children at daycare and it's so fun to see her interact with them. They chase each other, play peek-a-boo and take each other's shoes.

All in all, Maggie seems pretty social, but still has her moments of shyness. We had friends over for dinner recently and she acted a bit clingy, which made me think she suspected we were going to leave. Once she warmed up to them, she started her usual tricks (holding her sippy cup with just her mouth).

Some things you may not be able to tell from the photos:

  • Maggie is a chatterbox. We can only make out every seventh word, but she talks all the time. 
  • She does not smile/pose for photos anymore.


  • walking everywhere, especially outside
  • talking and singing
  • milk
  • sitting on her pack and play and bottom step 
  • putting on shoes


  • being hot or cold
  • having her space invaded by the dog

Maggie's monthly updates:
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